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Cleaning Your Home After an Illness Like Influenza

Seasonal influenza (flu) viruses are most common during the fall and winter, with peak activity occurring between December and February.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza … Continue reading

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Alternative Rose Options for Florida Nursuries

Today in the nursery trade, when you think of roses, your mind inevitably turns to the ‘Knockout’ rose and its offspring. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with ‘Knockout’ roses, it makes a great ornamental landscape plant, and it’s easy to … Continue reading

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Aquaponics: Growing Fish and Food

There is growing interest in hobby-scale farming techniques. In response to this need, UF/IFAS Walton County Extension Office established a hobby farm featuring a variety of low-input food production options. The farm is a cooperative venture drawing on expertise of … Continue reading

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Snakes Are On The Move

Most people know that snakes are ectothermic and the environment is what regulates their body temperature. However, many do not know that they like to maintain their temperature close to 98 F like us.  To do this they must move … Continue reading

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If weeds were a problem in your lawn last summer, the coming weeks are the time to apply a preemergence herbicide to prevent their emergence again this year. Timing of a preemergence herbicide application for summer annual weeds such as … Continue reading

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How 4-H members ‘learn by doing’

  The 4-H slogan is to “Learn by Doing” and our youths are doing just that by learning through the experiences that they decide to embark on as club members. Upcoming weeks will showcase this experiential learning approach. Okaloosa County … Continue reading

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Care of Freeze Damaged Citrus

Recent freezes resulted in cold damage to some local citrus trees. Cold injured citrus trees can take a while to become evident. What appears to be damage will not always be permanent. Never be in a hurry to remove cold … Continue reading

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