Introducing Veronica Graham, the new 4-H Youth Development Program Assistant

Hello, my name is Veronica Graham and I am the new 4H Program Assistant for Okaloosa County. I started working at the extension office as a volunteer for the Master Gardener Program in 2016, but joined the 4-H team just before Christmas of 2016. I grew up in Livingston, Montana where I enjoyed outdoor activities such as bike riding, hiking and spending time with my three horses and two dogs. After high school I joined the Air Force where I served four years as an EOD Technician. During that time, I had two beautiful children and decided that they needed me more than the military did. I put down my boots and picked up the books. By 2014, I had my Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management with a focus in Training and Development. Currently, I am leading the Embryology School Enrichment Program in 8 schools that include 54 classes. I really enjoy the fact that these students are learning the developmental stages of life. I have also been working with the Family Nutrition Program to develop new raised bed gardens for local schools. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached via email at or by calling the extension office at 850-689-5850. Please invite me to your club meetings or activities so that we can meet and I can see all the great educational activities you have planned for your 4-H club.

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