Automatic Payments

by Jill Breslawski, UF/IFAS Extension AgentOkaloosa Saves

School and sports are now in full swing, vacations are over, and it seems like we are running full speed into the holiday season.  With so much on our plates it can be easy to forget to take care of the day-to-day “stuff”; like budgeting and paying bills. Why not try setting up automatic payments through your financial institution to cover expenses like utilities or credit card bills?  On-line banking is usually an easy way to accomplish this. Often a bank or credit union will allow you to keep track of expenses and will store your utility or credit card account information on its website.  With just a few clicks of a button, you can designate how much money to distribute to each account and how often you pay. 

Don’t have on-line banking?  Most companies now a days will set up their own automatic bill-pay. Just contact their customer service line, or visit their web-site, and a representative will take your banking account information and will have your funds automatically debited in the amount of your bill.

Another way to make sure bills are paid on-time and to track your expenses is by using a good old fashioned calendar.  Whether this be one you hang on your wall or one you store on your phone or computer, you can keep track of daily expenses, bill due dates, and income all in one location.  Use your calendar to plan ahead and monitor where you are spending your money.  If you notice a lot of money being spent on one expense and don’t have enough money to cover your needs, make a change and give yourself a spending limit for items that are considered “wants”.

Make a commitment to yourself to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth over time. Visit our website: or text “OKSaves” to 95577 to take the Okaloosa Saves pledge (standard data and message rates may apply). 

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