Back to School Budget Help

by Jill Breslawskiback to school

The first day of the new school year is only a few short weeks away, all you have left to do is back to school shopping. No problem, right? But then you take a look at that long list of school supplies and realize all your kid needs is …….Everything!

Heading to the store with a long list of school supplies can really hit a wallet hard. Here are a few tips to avoid spending beyond your budget.

  • Take inventory of supplies you already have. Items like unfilled notebooks, and even used pencils are still able to be used the next year. There may be no need to buy a brand new supplies.
  • Check with the teacher to see if any items are not needed until later in the school year. You may be able to put off that purchase until you have a chance to save.
  • Shop on the Tax free weekend to save on paying sales tax. This year Florida’s tax free day is the weekend of August 5th.
  • For back to school clothes, get together with other parents and arrange a clothing swap party. Trade clothes your child has outgrown for clothes from another growing youngster.
  • Teach your child to save by setting a budget, how to compare prices, use coupons, and shop for sale items.

Want to take another step to saving money? Visit the Okaloosa Saves website to pledge to save.

Okaloosa SavesThroughout the month of July, children can still make a deposit to a new or existing bank account, at participating financial partners, and complete an entry form for the Okaloosa Saves Teach a Child to Save campaign. Participants will be entered into a drawing to win a $50.00 deposit. Visit for additional details.

For more tips or help saving money feel free to contact me at the extension office, and also check out to take the America Saves Pledge and also follow Okaloosa Saves on Facebook and Twitter.  For more information, contact me at 689-5850 or

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