Free program helps you save money, reduce debt and build wealth.

by Jill Breslawski, Okaloosa County Extension Agent

Happy 2016! If you started your year like I did, you set a resolution for change.

Common resolutions include watching less TV, becoming more active, eating a healthy diet, and saving money. Resolutions are promises that are so easy to make and so hard to keep. The New year has been here for a little over two weeks now, so let’s check in—how is that resolution going? I am making my own lunches to bring to work, walking and exercising with friends, and watching less TV.

The saving money part is hard, although I am saving quite a bit by packing a lunch. There are thing that I want, things I didn’t get under the tree, things that are now on an amazing after-the-holiday sale—things that I am sure I desperately need. But sitting in my brain is that good old resolution saying things like: “Do you really need this?” Or, “Wouldn’t you rather save today to have fun tomorrow?”

And the truth is: Yes, yes I would. So in an effort to stop my quick “I want it now, so I am going to treat myself” reaction, I followed my own advice and visited the Okaloosa Saves website,

Okaloosa Saves is a local organization dedicated to helping community members save their money; it’s free to sign up. The program posts simple reminders of ways to save, and links to live Twitter chats, on their website and Facebook page, like: “How to Jump Start Your Emergency Fund,” and how to automatically deposit your tax refund. Optional e-mails and texts are sent occasionally to encourage savers to reach their goals. I don’t now about you, but I can always use a little encouragement. So I took the pledge to save money, reduce my debt and build wealth.

If you have questions about Okaloosa Saves, feel free to contact me at our extension office, or visit us at the Eco-Nomic Living expo at the 2016 Building Industry Association of Okaloosa and Walton Counties Home Show Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 27-28. We will have financial seminars, corporate and children’s piggy bank contests, and more. Businesses interest in participating in our fun, creative team-building Corporate Piggy Bank Challenge should also contact me for details.

Did I mention there are prizes for the winning piggy bank?

Contact me at 689-5850 or for more information.


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