By Larry Williams, UF/IFAS Extension Agentgardener presents

Does someone on your Christmas shopping list enjoy gardening, landscaping or the outdoors?

The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Bookstore offers a wealth of books, DVDs and ID decks, as well as shirts, caps and other products.

Our resources include gardening, lawn and landscaping as well as agriculture, wildlife, boating, fishing, health, nutrition, family and community subject matter. And they are specific for Florida.

Consider these:

Simply Florida: A Taste of Flavors from the Sunshine State – This isn’t simply a cookbook–it’s a celebration of food in the sunshine state: sun-ripened fruits, fabulous beef, the freshest seafood and farm-fresh vegetables. Some of its recipes include grouper Parmesan, spicy mango and avocado salad and citrus-marinated tomato salad over steak. $25

Florida Wildflowers – This field guide categorizes Florida Wildflowers not just by their color or family group but by the natural habitats in which they’re found. Over 500 color photos and detailed descriptions outline the major ecosystems of Florida and the wildflowers unique to each. It also includes a guide to identifying wildflowers, places to visit, a glossary and much more. Gardeners and naturalists or those interested in Florida’s ecology will find this guide indispensable. $29.95

Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida – Expert botanist Ginny Stibolt and Master Gardener Melissa Contreras provide simple and accessible advice for successful, pesticide-free vegetable gardening. This fully illustrated book is an invaluable guide for everyday gardeners as well as small farmers who wish to expand their operations a to participate in farmer’s markets. $24.95

Florida Gardener’s Handbook – Whether you’re new to the state or just new to gardening, let expert gardeners introduce you to over 300 Florida plants in an information-packed guide that’s almost as beautiful as the plants it features. Includes proven plant species tips for water-wise gardening and to-do calendars to keep your garden lush and vibrant all year long. $24.99

Florida’s Birds :A Field Guide and Reference – Birders will love this handsomely illustrated guide to Florida’s birds. Each of the state’s 348 bird species is represented with full accounts and three color illustrations. The book also includes information and breeding months, best habitats and times for birding, and a state map of 25 birding hotspots. Learn how to attract and feed wild birds and to care for sick, injured and orphaned birds. $21.95

For more information, go to or call 1-800-226-1764


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