WHAT’S THE BEST LAWN GRASS? by Larry Williams, UF/IFAS Extension Agent

Q:  What’s the best lawn grass?

A:  There is no ‘best’ lawn grass. Choosing a lawn involves selecting a grass that best fits the site conditions. is the site shady? Do you have an irrigation system? Is salt spray a factor?

Means of establishment comes into play. Can the grass be established from seeds or does it require vegetative establishment (established from sod, plugs or springs)?

Time and expense involved with maintenance should be considered. Some lawn grasses require more time and/or money to keep up. Cost of sod or see may be a factor. St. Augustinegrass sod usually costs more as compared to centipedegrass sod.

Intended use of the lawn may be a factor. Are you trying to prevent erosion on a slope or do you need a play area for children? Where you expect a lot of foot traffic, consider wear tolerance of the grass.

There are basically seven types of lawn grasses to consider for a Florida lawn. The following UF/IFAS Extension website will help you in your quest for the “best” lawn grass. 

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