Fall should be our busiest gardening season here in North Florida. It’s a more comfortable time to be outdoors.

Many plants only do well when planted during the cooler weather of fall. Fall-planted trees and shrubs have a higher survival rate as compared to those planted in spring. Many nurseries have a better selection of trees during the cooler months. And, nurseries and garden centers could use your business this time of year.

To help prepare for the fall, I’ll provide a seminar titled “Fall: Florida’s Best Gardening Season” on Tuesday, September 4th. I’ll cover why fall is our best gardening season and encourage participants to take advantage of the season that allows Northwest Florida gardeners to get the most bang for their buck in their lawns, landscapes and gardens. This topic will include information on annuals, perennials, bulbs, vegetables, and herbs to plant during fall. Basic fall lawn care and the reason why trees and shrubs are best planted during fall and early winter will be addressed.

The “Fall: Florida’s Best Gardening Season” seminar will be provided at the Crestview Public Library as part of their First Tuesday series.

The program begins at 10:30am with coffee and cookies served starting at 10am. The library is located at 1445 Commerce Drive behind the post office in north Crestview.

Call the library at 682-4432 or the Okaloosa County Extension Office at 689-5850 for more information.

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